Development of medical care

Development of healthcare facilities

Our aim is to support the construction and equipment of healthcare facilities in the region in order to make healthcare accessible and provide a level of care that meets regular standards. This support will save lives and support the local immunity.

Treatment for the disadvantaged

Our aim is to support and improve medical care for all who need it within the given region. In India, healthcare is provided in state and private hospitals. However, state hospitals are often unavailable, and only the poorest people are treated for free while everybody else has to pay for drugs. We aim to offer quality healthcare to all who are in need. We already have experience in this.

Medical help for visitors to India

Travelling to India brings certain health risks, and the current state of healthcare in India does not conform to our standards. Helping to provide medical care for visitors to India is one aim of the project, and has already achieved some success.

  • Vaccination
  • Drugs