About Us


Helping Hands Medical Project Jadan India


Usti nad Labem-centrum, Klisska 1322/10, zip code 400 01

Date of establishment:

12.5.2012 in the Czech Republic
Trust ID no: 227 93 330


Vera Spatenkova M.D., Ph.D.


  • Chair of the board: Vera Spatenkova M.D., Ph.D.
  • Deputy of the chair: Ing. Hana Protivova
  • Member of the board: Petr Biza
  • Auditor: JUDr. Ivan Protiva


  • Ing. David Hornof, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Jan Kunta
  • Ing. Jaroslav Kunta
  • Ing. Petr Kunta
  • Tina Lampe
  • Ing. Klara Olivova
  • Mgr. Henrich Paľo
  • Ing. Zavis Pexidr
  • Michal Prihoda
  • Ing. Ondras Sukup

Aim of the trust

The aim of the trust is to support the following initiatives and activities to improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare provided in India.

Medical care fund

  • Building and equipping healthcare facilities
  • Supporting the Sri Swami Madhavananda Austria Hospital, Jadan, Distr. Pali, Rajasthan, India
  • Providing medical treatment for socially disadvantaged people and volunteers

Medical education fund

  • Building and equipping educational facilities for healthcare workers
  • Educating nurses and doctors
  • Purchasing the necessary aids for education
  • Supporting education in hygiene and healthcare for the wider population in Rajasthan

Status of the Trust

Financial implementation

Your contributions are of great importance for the project. You can help us achieve the aims of our foundation. You can support us in following ways:

Voluntary contribution

    • voluntary regular donation by standing order
    • voluntary irregular donation

A donation in the form of supplied materials

    • by appointment with leader of the trust Vera Spatenkova M.D., Ph.D.

Tax deduction

For confirmation of your gift, we request you fill in your personal information: name, surname, year of birth and place of residence. At the end of the calendar year we shall send you a statement of contributor, according to which you may claim a tax deduction in your tax declaration for the relevant year.