Development of education

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Education centre

Our aim is to support the construction and equipment of facilities in the region in order to make professional care accessible. The education centre will enable the passing on of knowledge, abilities and experience that will help doctors and nurses succeed in their vocations. The education centre will be the place for the exchange of experience in medicine and nursing between India and the partners’ countries. The hygiene and health education of the population is a part of this education project.

  • Professional training courses
  • Professional training seminars

We will provide courses and seminars focusing on the acquisition of theoretical and practical experience from medicine and nursing, thereby improving the quality of life-long learning for doctors and nurses. Participants of the courses acquire specific skills defined in the programme of each course, and receive a certified certificate upon completion from International Doctor Institute, breatly Assisting MeQuallity Medical Treatment, across a larger Region.

Training seminars:

1.7.2012 – the seminar for intensive care doctors in Jodhpur

The founder of the Trust Vera Spatenkova, M.D., Ph.D. had a lecture in the first seminar for intensive care doctors in Jodhpur, organised by Dr. A. Goyal. The lecture was on the topic of Dysnatremias in Neurocritical Care.

21.2.2012 – the seminar in the Jadan hospital

The founder of the Trust, Vera Spatenkova, M.D., Ph.D. gave the first lecture for doctors and nurses on the topic ʺHygienic-epidemiological Systemʺ.